since 1974

banking, finance & capital markets

AVGLaw works with financial institutions and has worked with government agencies to provide legal assistance in major banking and financing activities. We have worked to assist clients with the necessary planning, structuring and negotiating of the relevant transactions.

We have assisted the Hellenic Republic in negotiating financing agreements with large international and domestic financial institutions and in structuring major transactions and we have gained valuable experience while dealing with the Greek regulators (Bank of Greece and Capital Market Commission) on many issues and several occasions related to the operation of banks and financial institutions.

Our experience in capital markets includes advising for, negotiating and executing initial and secondary public offerings, private placements, debt programs as well as legal work for investment funds

Our firm is external legal counsel to National Bank of Greece (NBG) and Attica Bank. We have also advised on, or have acted as, liquidators on a number of investment firms, securities firms, members of the Athens Stock Exchange (ASE) and Collective Investment Undertakings (UCITS) such as ASTRAIA Securities, RATE CAPITAL Securities, DF Securities, B.X. Financial Services, and DOMUS Asset Management.