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Intellectual Property, Information Law and eGovernment

Our IP, Information Law and eGov department has substantial expertise in a wide range of topics related to Intellectual Property, Information and eGovernment Law. Intangible assets are increasingly becoming a key element of most business sectors and their management and protection an integral part of the value chain. AVGLaw offers high end services to businesses that are part of the knowledge economy and offer products and services based on the information market.

We have great experience in IP Law with particular emphasis both on traditional and new licensing management models. AVGLaw advises companies that use Free and Open Source Software, Open Data,  Open Content and open Open Hardware licensing scheme as part of their business model. We also provide legal advice for businesses involved in Public Sector Information (PSI) re-use with a particular focus to mobile application developers. We also provide advice in relation to e-payment and data protection issues as well as general e-commerce law issues.

Intellectual Property Law

AVGLaw offers a wide range of legal services related to IP Law. We specialise in copyright/ patent licensing and exploitation as well as trademark registration and licensing. Our focus is mostly information start-ups and IT companies. AVGLaw provides legal advice throughout the information and business life-cycle: we support companies at the stage of their business model formation and refinement by providing a wide range of legal products and processes for the management and exploitation of their digital assets so that they fit a wide range of value and information flow models according to the needs of each customer. We also provide detailed legal advice with regards to different possibilities of protecting copyrighted works, inventions, trademarks and business models in the most effective and efficient manner for the customer.  AVGLaw offers rights clearance services to memory institutions and private clients. Finally, we provide legal advice for knowledge and technology transfers, brand protection and various rights exploitation agreements.

eGovernment Law

We have a unique expertise in Geospatial Information, Public Sector Information and e-Documents regulation. We offer legal services both to public and private sector companies that wish to protect, share or re-use public sector information. ΑVGLaw handles Public Sector Information and Freedom of Information Act requests. We represent clients that wish to re-use geospatial and public sector data in order to produce software or offer services to third parties. Our clients also include memory institutions, libraries, archives and museums that produce and reuse public sector information, as well as companies using digital documents and signatures in their business transactions. We also offer advice to ePayment Providers and merchants using ePayment services

Data Protection

AVGLaw offers complete data protection compliance and litigation services to organisations that process personal data as part of their business activities. We handle the entire data protection life cycle customised to the client’s business and value model. AVG Law focuses particularly on issues of open data re-use and personal data compliance as well as trans-border information flows and data protection compliance.