Avgerinos & Partners appointed by Hellenic Republic as legal advisor for the privatisation of the former airport of Athens (Hellinikon)

Avgerinos & Partners has been appointed by the Hellenic Republic, alongside to other three law firms, to serve as legal advisor on the financing, structuring, and staged development of the former airport of Athens (Hellinikon), through the sell of the majority of share capital of Hellinikon S.A., a state company that has the rights in rem and has undertaken to manage and develop the site.

Hellinikon S.A. is seeking to exploit the 6.2 million square meters of the site of the old Athens airport, Hellinikon, based on the business plan that will be submitted by the preferred investor. The site includes the area of the old Athens airport, undeveloped land and a 3.5-km-long waterfront. It is located in the greater Athens area, near the city center, with direct access to the Greek Islands and a short flight from other destinations in Europe and the Middle East.

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