AVGLaw invited by China Development Bank (CDB)

Avgerinos & Partners has been invited by China Development Bank (CDB), Ningbo branch, to organise a seminar on the renewable energy resources law and policy in Greece. AVGLaw gladly accepted the invitation and on 30 May 2012 a delegation headed by Dr Yannis Avgerinos visited the CDB premises in Ningbo. The one-day seminar, which was titled “RES framework and policy in Greece” attracted the interest of numerous CDB executives, mostly lawyers, economists and engineers.

China Development Bank (国家开发银行) provides medium- to long-term financing facilities that assist in the development of a robust economy and a healthy, prosperous community. It aligns its business focus with national economic strategy and allocates resources to break through bottlenecks in China’s economic and social development.

The CDB Ningbo branch, is the branch that has been assigned the cooperation with Greece. It mostly finances Greek ship-owners and renewable energy resources (RES) projects in Greece. It ia also involved in the Greek privatisation programme and its assists Chinese entitites that are interested in entering the Greek economy.