AVGLaw supports the programme of Act4Greece “School meals for schoolchildren delivered to schools at West Attica”

In recent years in Greece, children have been exposed the consequences of the economic crisis, both psychologically and materially, while the level of child poverty has risen to 27.8%. Many children are undernourished and, at the same time, childhood obesity is increasing. Children are our future, the natural heirs of the history of a people, and we owe it to them to respond to their needs.

In the framework of the act4Greece program, AVGLaw has undertaken to support the program of the Ministry of Labor, Social Insurance & Social Solidarity for the provision of school meals to primary schoolchildren, who are among the most vulnerable population groups in Greece. In the initial phase, the program will cover selected areas of the country that have been particularly hard hit by the crisis and high levels of unemployment and poverty. The project includes the supply, for the period 15/2/2016 –15/6/2016, of a hot school meals for 4,000 schoolchildren at 160 junior schools in West Attica. In the first stage, 1,405 schoolchildren at 9 junior schools in Perama will receive hot meals.

The total resources to be raised, amounting to €860,000, will provide 344,000 meals for schoolchildren.

For more info visit Act4Greece

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