Export award for AVGLaw by the 2014 Greek Export Awards

On 28 November 2014, the annual 2014 Greek Export Awards ceremony took place in Kavouri, Athens.

AVGLaw was voted within the six (6) finalists of the Greek Export Awards for 2014 in the “Provision of Services” category. This is a major achievement and honour for our law firm, since it was the only Greek law firm that was selected and it had to compete with major and significant entities like banks, IT and Consulting companies. AVGLaw was selected for its excellence in the provision of services to foreign natural and legal persons from countries like China, Russia, Australia, India, UAE, Canada etc.

The Greek Export Awards 2014 comprises part of the Greek Exports Forum 2014.  Is was organised by the Union of Diplomatic Employees of Economic & Commercial Affairs (UDE ECA) and Ethos Media S.A., under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and it was widely attended by professionals from throughout the exports sector.

Aim of the Greek Exports Awards  is the emergence and rewarding of Greek business that helps the development of productivity, competitiveness and innovation in Greece, while offering a remarkable example for other Greek companies.

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