Dr Yannis Avgerinos elected member of the Council of the European Law Institute (ELI)


The European Law Institute held its first Council elections at the ordinary General Assembly on 6 September 2013. The elections were overseen by Returning Officer and Speaker of the ELI Senate, Irmgard Griss. The Fellows present at the meeting and those represented by proxy elected 60 persons, who will join the six ex-officio members on the Council. Dr Yannis Avgerinos has been honoured to be elected one of the members of the Council. The new composition of the Council can be found here.

At the Council meeting which followed the General Assembly, the new Council elected the Executive Committee from among its members. The composition of the new Executive Committee is as follows: Diana Wallis (President), Christiane Wendehorst (Vice-President), Johan Gernandt (Treasurer), Remo Caponi, Marc Clément, Sjef van Erp and John Sorabji.

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