Dr Yannis Avgerinos elected new member and Treasurer of AEDBF Greece


Following the voting process at the meeting of its General Assembly, on 12.12.2013, the Hellenic Association for Financial Law (AEDBF Greece) is pleased to announce its new Board of Directors:

1.    Dr. Dimitris Tsibanoulis, Managing Partner of Tsibanoulis & Partners Law Firm, Chairman.

2.    Dimitris Passas, Managing Partner of Moratis Passas Law Firm, Vice Chairman.

3.    Nikolaos Moussas, Managing Partner of Moussas & Partners, Attorneys at Law, Secretary.

4.    Dr. Yannis Avgerinos, Managing Partner of Avgerinos & Partners Law Firm, Treasurer.

5.    Anastasia Mallerou, Legal Counsel of Interbanking Systems S.A., Member.

6.    Marios Bahas, Partner of Bahas, Gramatidis & Partners Law Firm, Member.

7.    Gerasimina Filippa, General Director of the Capital Market Commission, Member.

8.    Dr. George Psaroudakis, Attorney-at-Law, Bank of Greece/Legal Department, Lecturer at the University of Thessaloniki.

AEDBF is a European association of professionals specialized in the legal aspects of banking, financial and capital market sector. It brings together banking and corporate legal counsels, practitioners, judges, academics, public officials and economists.

AEDBF was established in Paris in 1988, upon the initiative of Messrs Jacques Biancarelli and Jean-Pierre Mattout, honorary Presidents.

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