Minimum content of standardised articles of association for all forms of companies

The Joint Ministerial Decision no. Κ2-828/31.1.2013 of the Minister of Development, Competitiveness, Infrastructure, Transport and Networks and the Minister of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights, was published on 5.2.2013 in Government Gazette. Said decision concerns the minimum content of standardised Articles of Association for Societes Anonymes, Limited liability Companies, Private Companies and General and Limited Partnerships.

These standardized Articles of Association are published following the simplification of the establishment procedure for companies and the introduction of the one-stop-shop, by virtue of Law 3853/2010. They shall be completed by a notary regarding Societes Anonymes, Limited liability Companies, and, under specific conditions, Private Companies, whereas they will be completed by the founders regarding General and Limited Partnerships, as well as Private Companies. According to article 12 of Law 3853/2010: a) the standardized Articles of Association include the absolutely necessary provisions as per the present law and, as per all other matters refer to the provisions of relevant laws, and, b) will be accessible from the website of the General Commercial Record.