Over 400 residence permits (RPs) issued to foreign real estate investors


The total value of properties sold during the last year to non-EU investors for the Greek real estate immigration programe exceeds the amount of 200 million euro, according to the Deputy Minister of Development, Mr Notis Mitarakis, who spoke at the Prodexpo conference.

According to our records, 436 residence permits (RPs) have been issued until September 30th, 2014, while another 83 are in the process. From the 436 investors, 185 are Russians, 119 Chinese and 33 Egyptians.

The Greek real estate immigration programme offers 5-year freely renewable RPs to foreign nationals and their families, who invest in real estate projects, valued over 250.000 euro.

Our law firm AVGLaw is the leading law firm in the field with dozens of happy clients, who have successfuly invested in real estate and have acquired RPs for their families.

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