since 1974

Vassilis Avgerinos

Vassilios Avgerinos is the founder of AVGLaw. He has served as Vice Chairman of the Deposits and Loans Fund (1981-1988), Legal Counsel & Director of the Judicial Department of Attica Bank (1986 – 1999), Legal Director of the Institute of Preventive Medicine (Prolepsis) (1985-1995), Chairman of the Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Technology (1993-2004), Director of the Institute of Health Workers (1995 – 1999), and Legal Advisor of the Hellenic American Medical Association (1997-2000).

His areas of expertise is corporate law, civil law and banking, public procurement, real estate, medical & pharmaceutical law, mergers & acquisitions, insolvency law and settlement. He has authored many scientific papers and study areas relating to merger & acquisition of companies, operation of the Board of the public limited company, exercise of preferential rights in share capital increase, special liquidation of investment firms, the rights of the general assembly of the public limited companies, control of debt securities, audit of public and private contracts, syndicated bank loans, pledge of shares of public limited companies, minority rights in the public company, underwriting contracts for the disposal of shares in IPOs.

Email address: vassilis@avglaw.gr